My name is Sebastiano Berardi. I’m originally from Italy and have been living in Thailand since 1997.

My passion for cycling dates back to 1993 when I started cycling across Europe. Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, I opened a mountain bike tour company called Green Pedal Tour guiding international visitors around Northern Thailand. Being a cyclist pioneer in this fascinating region of Thailand I always believed Chiang Mai would become a cycling centre, and today this is becoming true.

At the beginning of 2014 I was approached by a Swiss company, Thai Swiss Cycling, and was asked to guide a group of passionate cyclist around Northern Thailand. Among the 30 cyclist in the group was the famous former professional Claudio Chiappucci. As a result of this experience I decided to open my company, Lannaroads, and continue my close working relationship with Thai Swiss Cycling.

I am truly excited to work with people who share my passion for cycling and to introduce them to the variety of wonders in this magical region of Thailand.