We have a selection of carbon and top quality aluminum frame bikes equipped mostly with Campagnolo and Shimano.

Customers are fully responsible for damage and loss.

We advise to bring your own shoes, pedal and helmet. We have a limited stock for rent, please make a request in advance in case of need.
The renter agrees to hire the bike and gears by signing a contract

Bike Sizes

In order to choose the right size of your bike, below is an indicative guideline bike’s size and height:

Size S  – Height 1.50 to 1.67 m
Size M – Height 1.68 to 1.76 m
Size L   – Height 1.77 to 1.83 m
Size XL – Height 1.84 to 2.00 m


* Please read the terms and conditions below prior to commit for a rental

  1. The renter must provide a valid Passport.
  2. The deposit and the rental fee must be fully paid by cash the first hiring day.
  3. Renter Passport and deposit are hold during the rental period.
  4. Bikes are not insured, in case of damage or theft renter must pay the full amount requested by Lannaroads.
  5. The renter agrees to rent the bike for himself and cannot borrow it to a third party.
  6. The renter must take good care and maintain the bike as his own property.
  7. In case of accidents the renter is responsible for all expenses sustained.
  8. Lannaroads provides you a lock, make sure you don't  leave the bike unattended.
  9. Cancellations are accepted as follow:

    a- Cancellations within 30 days are entitled to a full refund.
    b- Cancellation within 15 Days are entitled to a partial refund.
    c- Cancellations within 7 days will not get refunded.