We propose a variety of half day cycling. You have the option to join our ride any day of the week from Monday to Sunday or ride the full week.

We start every day from our shop just behind La Fontana restaurant where you can select your bike and gears.

Please be there 30 minutes before the start of the stage.

Weekly Itineraries

Monday : Ban Tawai - Ping River South

Circuit: Flat / Distance: 70km / Time: 2:30 / Avg. Speed 30 km/h
We start at 9:00. Today is a warm-up day. Relatively easy, the course is flat with no serious challenge. First part we follow the well known Canal Road, then we pass through the most important wood carving center in the North of Thailand, Ban Tawai, where we can have a coffee break. We continue most of the second part along the Ping River, the longest river in Chiang Mai. We finish today ride cycling through a national park at the base of Doi Suthep, a 1675 m. mountain rising above Chiang Mai.

Tuesday : Doi Saket - Sankhampheng

Circuit: Mix / Distance: 90km / Time: 3:30 / Avg. Speed 28 km/h
We start at 8:30. Today’s stage has a variety of terrains. Just outside the city we cycle on small country side streets, then on a wider road we encounter a series of short but challenging climb (max. 14%). We then ride back mostly of good flat roads to Chiang Mai passing the famous Hot Spring Resort of Sankhampheng.

Wednesday : Mae Rim – Ping River North

Circuit: Hilly / Distance: 100km / Time:3:30 / Avg. Speed 31 km/h
We start at 8:30. As soon as we leave the main roads going north we will cycle some of the best backstreets of Chiang Mai. First part is relatively hilly with stunning countryside. After a break at a local coffee shop (optional) we continue going south toward Chiang Mai along The Ping River enjoying again a magnificent view all around us.

Thursday : Mae Sae Valley Loop

Circuit: Mountain / Distance: 95km / Time:4:00 / Avg. Speed 25 km/h
We start at 8:00. This is in my opinion one of the best circuit you can ride in Chiang Mai. If you like to climb this will be your favorite stage. With an elevation of 1400 m. today’s ride it’s a sure challenge. Stunning view and lush forest all the way.

Friday : Mae Jo District

Circuit: Flat / Distance 90km / Time:2:30 / Avg. Speed 32 km/h
We start at 8:30. Today is a fast circuit. We have two sections, the first of 20km and the second 30km, along a beautiful canal, where you can test your speed ability.

Saturday : Mae Wang Elephant Camp

Circuit: Hilly / Distance 110km / Time:3:30 / Avg. Speed 30 km/h
We start at 8:30. This is the longest ride of the selected circuits. First part is fairly flat all the way by the side of Canal Road. Then on the way to the Elephant Camp the road becomes quite hilly. We stop at the Camp, we will cross a suspended bridge to enjoy a local hill tribe coffee. Back to Chiang Mai at full speed.

Sunday : Montien

Circuit: Mountain / Distance 85km / Time:3:30 / Avg. Speed 24 km/h
We start at 8:00. This is another mountain circuit with the most outstanding view you can have around Chiang Mai. Challenging climbs, max. slope 16%. We cycle through few mountain hill tribe villages and reach an Agricultural Royal Project Station above 1300m. We end our cycling week with a long descend before reaching Chiang Mai.

Please note that group tours are available from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 participants

If you are interested in booking the full week with accommodation we can provide the place that suit you the most.
Please make a request of your preference by contacting us here