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Experience incredible scenery and enjoy riding in the best of Northern Thailand Territory

We propose a few multi day tours that can be booked only upon request.
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Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains and most of our multi day tours include parts of hilly/mountain terrain cycling. We will give you a reference of how much elevation our tours will have.


We will tell you in advance how long is the tour so that you can decide whether it is OK.

2 Days

Mae Wang National Park

And Doi Inthanon National Park.

Doi Inthanon

Distance: 200 km Elevation: 3300 m.

This tour brings you up to the highest mountain of Thailand. With its challenging and steep climb Doi Inthanon is regarded as one of the most difficult mountain to climb in the world. With its beautiful forest and amazing waterfalls Doi Inthanon is a must place to visit if you come to the north of Thailand. The first day will be a flat and relaxed ride for the first part, then a rolling section we reach Mae Wang National Park a less know amazing site with his spectacular rock sculture made of erosion soil. You will spent the night in a charming resort by the Ping River. The second day you will climb for over 3 hours to reach the top of the mountain, the first part going up gradually and the second part will really test your climbing ability with a constant steep incline.

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2/3 Days


Pai is a town in the Mae Hong Soon Province of northern Thailand.

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Distance: 270 km Elevation: 4300 m.

Pai is a well know hill town resort popular with tourists from around the world. It’s a perfect location to spend a relaxed week end by the side of the Pai River, explore its waterfall, enjoy a bath at the nearby hot spring and spent the night at its unique local market. A ride to Pai is one to experience for its challenging climbs and breathtaking views. You can decide if spent one more day in Pai strolling around its charming countryside or return the day after to Chiang mai.

If you are interested in this multi day trip you can click the button on the side to send us a request for more information.

4/5 Days

Mae Hong Son Loop

Mae Hong Son is a remote, mountainous province in northern Thailand.

Mae Hong Son Loop

Distance: 600 km Elevation: 10000 m.

This is the greatest loop you can do from Chiang Mai. It’s a challenging multi stage rides with around 10000 m. elevation. Along the way you will meet many hill tribe villages, amazing climbs and the most outstanding nature in the region. You will stop in 2 major towns, Pai and Mae Hong Son. In Pai you will have a change to spend one more day cycling around a charming countryside or just a spent a day off the bike visiting a waterfall, the nearby hot spring and relax by the Pai River.

If you are interested in this multi day trip you can click the button on the side to send us a request for more information.

7 Days

Great Mekong loop

The Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia.

Great Mekong loop

Distance: 850 km Elevation: 11000 m.

Amazing multi stages tour that covers most of the Thailand northen region with its lush forests, charming highlands and home of one the greatest asian river, the Mekong. Leaving Chiang Mai direction North east, first day you reach the town of Phayao with its largest freshwater lake in the northern region. We continue east and on the second day we reach Phu Chi Fa, one of the most scenic place in Thailand with its cliff that rises near the border with Laos. On The third day you stroll along the impressive Mekong river and visit Chiang Saen, the oldest city in Thailand and former Lanna stronghold. You spend the night on a resort along the Mekong River.The forth day is a recovery ride to the city of Chiang Rai, the second main town in the northern region. Relax and enjoy a visit to a marvelous temple. Going north on the fourth day expect some more climb to the former Kuomintang Village, Doi Mae Salong, famous for its tea plantations. We will have time to taste a few varieties of the local teas. On the fifth day you have the option to climb one of the hardest and steepest mountain in the region, Doi Ang Khang, site of the first agricultural research station right on the Myanmar border. Chiang dao is your last overnight stop before reaching Chiang Mai. Home of the third highest mountain in Thailand , Chiang Dao is a nature lovers paradise with its lush jungle, popular for birders, trekkers and its long limestone caves. On the last day is a mostly flat ride to Chiang Mai.

If you are interested in this multi day trip you can click the button on the side to send us a request for more information.


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